Town Bell
Town bell
Town Bell
Vital statistics
Skill(s) Required Compacts & Constitutions
Object(s) Required Town Charter, Board x8, Stone x40, Bar of Iron x5
Required By Town
Repaired With
Liftable? No
Hit Points
Soak Value
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Land ClaimEdit

By default the Town claim size is 10201sq tiles (101x101) with the centre tile being tile 51. It can also be expanded by constructing authority structures such as a Boundry Stone or a Cross of Saint George. Expanding the claim through the construction of these structures will also increase the Town's upkeep consumption rate.

Everybody has trespassing rights on a Town's claim whether they are a Citizen, Kin or not.


By default the Town's upkeep consumes 10 silver every 6 hours and will increase in cost per additional authority structure built.

A new Town comes complete with a full upkeep of 750/750 which will last for approximately 18 days. The maximum upkeep by default is 750 which is increased when additional authority structures are built.


You can open the Town window by clicking on the Town button or by pressing CTRL+P

The character who purchased the Town Charter and added it to the construction will become the Town Mayor by default once it is constructed.

To invite characters to your Town you must first make them a Citizen. You do this by selecting Offer Citizenship and right clicking on the character. ( Character must be present )

Revoking a character's Citizenship will deducted 50 silver from the Town's upkeep.

The Mayor can renounce his mayorship by right clicking on the Town Bell.