Sturdy Sled
Sturdy sled
Sturdy Sled
Vital statistics
Skill(s) Required Carpentry, Blacksmithing
Object(s) Required Bar of Iron x4, Nails x4, Board x8, Rope x2
Required By
Repaired With
Liftable? Yes/No (Empty)
Hit Points
Soak Value
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The Sturdy Sled is capable of carrying up to 4 Objects. It shares the same equipment slot as the Backpack.

To equip the Sturdy Sled right click on it and select 'Pick up'. To place Objects on to the you must first drop the Sled by holding CTRL and left clicking on it in the equipment window. Then pick the Object up using Lift and then right click the Sled. To pull the Sled right click on it and select 'Pull'. To Stop the Sled from following you, right click on it and select 'Stop'.