Stone Hedge
Stone hedge
Stone Hedge
Vital statistics
Skill(s) Required Simple Fences, Quarrying
Object(s) Required Start post: Lime x15, Flint x15, Stone x30

Corner post: Lime x8, Flint x8, Stone x15

Wall segment: Flint, Stone x3

Gate: Board x10, Nails x4

Required By
Repaired With
Liftable? No
Hit Points
Soak Value 15
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Stone hedge gate

Stone Hedge Gate.

When placing down Starting posts it is important to make sure that it is snapped to the tiled grid. This is done by holding down the CTRL key before placement. This will also prevent face-palm situations when you realise that the gap to build a gate is either too big or too small because you forgot to snap-to-grid beforehand.