Ore Smelter
Ore smelter
Ore Smelter
Vital statistics
Skill(s) Required Metallurgy
Object(s) Required Brick x20, Stone x35, Bar of Iron x3, Board x5, Nails x2, Hay x10
Required By Bar of Iron
Repaired With Brick
Liftable? No
Hit Points
Soak Value
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The Ore Smelter is used to create Bars of Iron and uses Ore, Lime and Charcoal in the process.

To light the Ore Smelter you must first fill it with 15 Charcoal by holding each piece and then right clicking on the Ore Smelter. It can be lit by any fire source such as a lit Torch or a Tinder Drill.

The Ore Smelter has capacity for 25 objects.